Thom Robins, Vancouver Men's Stylist, Barber and Founder and Creative Director of thom.

We recently caught up with our Creative Director, Founder and barber Thom Robins to hear how he conceived ‘thom.’ his new Vancouver men’s salon and barbershop.

In this interview, Thom touches base on why he thinks it is important to not victimize the future and explains how the concept of Neutral Masculinity and Functional Minimalism work.


In his own words:

“I personally feel that men’s hairdressing should acknowledge the traditional form of barbering, discipline, and practice, but constantly be moving forward. I love the work I do now more so than what I was producing 5 years ago because the industry has and is continuing to change and evolve in a way that allows me to be more expressive in what I create. It’s the crossover between traditional discipline and contemporary hairdressing that’s exciting. It keeps me keen and pushes me. When you mix the two, you get a ‘men’s hairstylist’. That’s what I consider myself: a hybrid – which is what I love most and what I constantly strive to promote and what I hope the thom. salon experience with convey for a long time”

"...its important to not put the past on a pedestal and victimise the future"

— Thom Robins