A minimum age requirement of 15 years old applies to all salon services. We maintain a strict cancellation policy, a 50% charge will apply for services canceled with less than 12 hours notice before a scheduled appointment time and a 100% charge applies for missed “no show” appointments. Please provide as much notice as possible if you need to change or cancel a scheduled appointment.


Men’s Haircut

All men’s haircut and barbershop services at thom. are created with you in mind. Lifestyle, likes, dislikes, routines, as well as face shape and proportions, are all taken into consideration. An in-depth consultation covering all aspects of ‘you’ is followed by cleansing of the hair and scalp before any haircutting commences. This service is finished with styling, advice, product recommendations, and an aromatherapy towel.


Thom Robins $100
Senior Men’s Hair Stylist $60
Men’s Hair Stylist $50
Junior Men’s Hair Stylist $40


Our face services bring together simplicity and function for best results and range from straight razor shaves to facial and beard shaping. Our skincare products are what we call multi-dimensional, meaning they are great for all skin types (especially sensitive skin) and skin tones. We prefer natural plant-based products that are free of synthetic additives and fragrance, all in the name of results that are comfort-driven and long-lasting.


Beard shape $40 30min
consultation – aromatherapy towel – beard shaping – product – advice

Beard shape & Wet Shave (Cheeks & Neckline) $50 45min
consultation – aromatherapy towel – beard shaping & shave – product – advice


If a haircut isn’t quite enough to achieve your goals, we have technical services that can be provided as either part of a service or separately. Designed to improve either the appearance and texture of your hair or simply to just relax, your stylist can advise on an appropriate application for best results.


Grey Blending $50 10-15min

Delicately blend grey hairs in with your natural hair tone or improve the overall appearance of grey hair. This service provides subtle results that last between haircuts.

Keratin Smoothing $150+ 2hr

Dramatically improve the texture of dry, coarse, or frizzy hair with a Keratin treatment. Our treatment locks and seals keratin (a powerful hair protein) into the hair cuticle providing smoother and more manageable hair for up to 3 months. This service is ideal for those growing their hair or with mid-length to longer styles that find their hair hard to style. Note: a minimum of 4 inches of hair is required for this service, a pre-consultation is required.

Intensive Repair Hair & Scalp Treatment $50 35min

This luxurious treatment provides the perfect opportunity to relax, enjoy a head massage, and walk away with a refreshed, cleansed scalp along with manageable, healthy hair. Perfect for those with long-term scalp flaking or irritation, this service features premium hair and scalp, restorative products in conjunction with state-of-the-art micro-mist technology for deep absorption.


Hairline Reshape & Taper $30+ 30min

An in-between service to tidy your hairline; This service includes a wash and style but excludes any cutting of the top or sides of the head.

Express hair and scalp treatment $25 15min

An express scalp treatment can be added to any haircut service to improve the overall appearance and manageability of the hair or calm an irritated/dry scalp. A hair mask or scalp tonic is applied, and the hair is wrapped in a hot aromatherapy towel to increase effectiveness either before or after a haircut; your stylist can recommend the best application for you.

Extra time $20 15min

Would you like a little extra time to discuss your ideas? Perhaps you would like to chat with one of our stylists before committing to a full service. No problem, our extra time ad-on can be booked on its own, before or after a full service