Stephen J – Texture Spray – 4 oz.

“Hair beyond gravity, weightless and wild”

Stephen J – Texture Spray is a combination of a sea salt spray + gentle hairspray. It can be used a pre-style product. We create our products with the knowledge of how it will interact with hair. This texture spray was designed to compliment your styling routine. Once sprayed into the hair, Stephen J – Texture Spray provides volume, weightless hold, and wild texture.

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Scent: Grapefruit, Juniper, Vanilla

Made in Canada – All Natural – Not tested on animals


With each product we encourage you try multiple ways of styling your hair to maximize the ability to understand our products. Each person has different hair type. With this knowledge, use this texture spray in multiple ways to get the best look for your hair.

  • Maximum Volume – Blow dry hair until almost dry/damp – spray 5-7 times into hair – massage into roots of hair – continue to blow-dry hair until desired style is achieved. Please note that each hair type will require less or more product, so EXPERIMENT!

  • Messy Texture – Towel dry hair (or use diffuser attachment to blow dryer) until almost dry/ damp – spray 6-8 times into hair – massage into roots of hair – let air dry. Please note this style will provide gritty hold and wild texture, so ROCK IT!

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