Stephen J – Dry Clay – 4 oz.

“Created from nature, for your textures; and from your textures, a lasting hold.”

Stephen J – Dry Clay was designed to let hair be hair. With our knowledge in the hair industry, we created Dry Clay that works with multiple hair types and allows for re-styling throughout time. Our botanically based formulations help keep your hair nourished, while still giving your hair an effortless style.  We appreciate good hair; by combining multiple key ingredients, this clay will provide a firm hold, matte finish, and texture that can be restructured.

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Scent: Juniper, Cayenne, Pine

Made in Canada – Vegan – Not tested on animals


With each product we encourage you try multiple ways of styling your hair to maximize the ability to understand our products. Each person has a different hair type. With this knowledge, use this Dry Clay in multiple ways to get the best look for your hair.

  • Maximum Hold – Blow dry hair until dry – work small amount of clay between palms – massage clay back to front while applying to previously blow-dried hair – to increase hold repeat process until desired hold is achieved. Please note that clay should be worked thoroughly through hair and use your favourite styling tool (comb/brush) afterward to achieve style.

  • Messy Texture – Blow dry/diffuse hair until dry – work small amount of clay between palms – massage product from back to front (the more texture the better) to previously blow-dried hair – use finger tips to twist ends of hair to achieve perfect texture. Please note that by not using a styling tool, and just your hands, more texture will be achieved.

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