Appointed for excellence in their craft, the award winning team at thom. brings together decades of barbering experience, advanced men’s hairdressing skillsets, knowledge, passion, and unparalleled customer service. Considerable time and training has been accomplished for the team to reach this point in their hairdressing careers and it is their pleasure to welcome you to the salon.




Available: Tuesday to Wednesday

Thom Robins is a double award-nominated Men’s Hairstylist and Barber. Having emigrated to Canada in 2014 he has applied his unique style of men’s hairdressing, cultivated over the past decade working with premium men’s haircare companies in London, Europe, New York, and India, acting as International Hair Educator for Truefitt & Hill – the worlds oldest men’s hairdressing company. Alongside salon and education work he has consulted for many brands including Ben Sherman, Channel 4, Jaguar, ESPN, Gucci, Bloomberg TV, GQ, The Times, HBO, Radio 1, Aesop, & VW

I personally feel that men’s hairdressing should acknowledge the traditional form of barbering, discipline and practice, but constantly be moving forward. I love the work I do now more so than what I was producing 5 years ago because the industry has and is continuing to change and evolve in a way that allows me to be more expressive in what I create. It’s the crossover between traditional discipline and contemporary hairdressing that’s exciting. It keeps me keen and pushes me. When you mix the two, you get a ‘men’s hairstylist’. That’s what I consider myself: a hybrid – which is what I love most and what I constantly strive to promote and what I hope the thom. salon experience with convey for a long time”



Available: Tuesday to Friday

Janelle started in the hair industry in 2003 receiving her first real exposure as an apprentice at Zazou Salon before enrolling at the John Casablancas Axis Academy. As part of her schooling, she was able to take advantage of a work experience program that helped her obtain an assistant position with Toni & Guy, a world-renowned hair salon group. Toni & Guy helped foster her development and she soon was dubbed Student of the Year at the 2005 Toni & Guy Photographic Awards, presented in Las Vegas.
Fast forward 5 years, Janelle enrolled in the old-school barber program at London School. While at London School, she learned the fundamentals of barbering, along with the importance of precision while fading and shaving. Janelle has attended numerous classes throughout her career, most recently enrolling in the shaving and cutting course with the BBA (British Barbers Association) under their global brand ambassador, Gary Machin. With a strong background in hair styling and a complete understanding of barbering, along with a passion for ‘No bad vibes’, Janelle is the perfect balance of barber/stylist. Outside of the salon, Janelle loves to travel having visited 24 countries as well as living abroad in Northern Ireland, England, and Australia. She enjoys losing herself in a new city and submerging herself in the culture. She also has a not-so-secret love of craft beers.

“Not all men’s hair is created equal. The days of one style and product have long gone and I am here to help. With men’s hairstyles continuously progressing, the industry is constantly evolving. Using a hairdryer and multiple products can sound like work and I’m here to prove that it doesn’t have to be. My goal is to marry guest satisfaction by demonstrating how the right tools and techniques can keep things looking great in-between visits. Most men are creatures of habit. I’m all about building trust and establishing lasting relationships. I believe in an organic experience and nothing brings me greater joy in my profession than when someone says to me, ‘This is EXACTLY what I was looking for.“



Available: Wednesday to Saturday

Originally hailing from a southern town in Saskatchewan, Brett is not your average small-town guy. His love for art, design, minimalism and fashion led him to study fashion design and marketing at Lethbridge college before making a move to London, England in 2015.
Inspired by all that London had to offer and intrigued by its long and world-renowned influence in hair, he decided to further his education at the London School of Barbering achieving an NVQ level 2 and 3. Now back in Vancouver and in love with all things men’s hair and grooming, he joins the thom. team with a passion for customer service, fashion-forward styling, and contemporary classics.

“Because of my background in fashion design, I have a thorough understanding of modern hairstyles, trends, and grooming. For me, it’s the marriage of traditional barbering, fashion, and contemporary men’s hairstyling that creates a quality haircut that will last until the next visit to the salon. Whether you like to spend time with your hair each morning or you like convenience, it is my responsibility to ensure that you have an understanding of what products work best with your hair, and how to effortlessly style it. I take pride in what I have done and what I continue to do with hair and design. I continue to educate and inspire myself with my experiences and the people I surround myself with. Life is a journey, and I would love to help make yours look consistently sharp.“



Available: Tuesday to Saturday

In 2012, Connor started his hairdressing journey in the North of England where he completed a Higher National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ) in hairdressing and barbering before going on to complete the ABC Hairdressing Certification at the Vidal Sassoon Academy in London. After completing his hairdressing qualifications, he honed his skill for 4 years in his hometown of Sheffield before taking the leap across the pond to Sydney Australia, where he worked in some of the city’s more premium men’s salons and barbershops. Connor has a strong creative eye and a contemporary, precision approach to hairstyling.

“My job is to work with the client and make them feel great, I love the crossover between having trained in hairdressing and being able to bring those techniques into what I do now which is barbering, I want to carry on learning and keep pushing myself into greater things. I have a passion for cooking, experiencing new foods, and street photography, which ties in well with my huge love of travel.”



Available: Tuesday to Saturday

Jordan Howe has been in the hair industry for 9 years graduating from MC College in Edmonton, Alberta. After spending 4 years in a Luxury Edmonton salon he then moved to Australia
and worked for multiple salons honing his men’s haircutting at zeppelin barbers working under Jase Alpen. Upon returning to Canada, he focused on cutting with a specialty in men’s
hair and getting a job in education. Making the move out to Vancouver in 2022 to take a position as creative director at thom. salon Jordan now spends his time engaging with a dynamic clientele and fulfilling all brand creative direction from photoshoots, video shoots, and presentations.

“Growing up I was a young skateboard punk kid that cared a lot about my hair and never felt i had a good experience in either a salon or barbershop. It was when i met Craig Boa who was my hairdresser and future mentor I realized that just listening and getting to know someone is the best way to give them the most suitable haircut. I believe hairdressing is one of the most personal industries left in a changing world of tech and i feel grateful i get to spend every day in a social creative work place.”



Available: Wednesday & Saturday

Melanee has been with thom. from our very first day on August 1st, 2019. She has completed the Blanche MacDonald barbering program where she spent six months learning both the theory and practical side of contemporary men’s hairdressing and barbering. Upon completion of her schooling, Mel spent another 6 months advancing her skillset in the salon before graduating to the position of Junior Men’s Stylist and now Men’s Stylist. Having come from the world of hospitality, Melanee has an instinctual ability to make people feel at ease. Her biggest drive towards working in hair is to create an experience that leaves each guest feeling more confident and happy from when they first sat down in the chair.

“I initially wanted to get into hair because I’ve always loved the energy I experienced in salons, and I love working with people. Becoming an apprentice in this industry was a wild wake-up call. Barbering is, without a doubt, one of the most humbling trades out there – and it’s honestly the coolest being able to learn all the different layers of the craft. While my hair journey is only starting to kick off, I’m so excited to be submerged in this world. I think a great haircut should be an addition to your personal brand, rather than an accessory. Currently, I’m really digging all these long-haired scissor cuts that are surfacing in the ever-evolving contemporary styles. It’s really inspiring to watch people lean into their curiosity while exploring their looks, and I’m here to help make those little discoveries happen.“




Armineh Damanpak is an award-winning stylist, with over 8 years of experience in the hair and beauty industry. Armineh has been internationally trained by the Vidal Sassoon academy which places an emphasis on precision cutting. Armineh is most well known for her color techniques which have been crafted through years of experience working alongside some of the industry’s top stylists.

Armineh’s attention to detail and eye for precision will put you at ease in her chair. Her signature look includes lived-in effortless hair, but she also creates bold unique looks to suit each and every client! She believes in creating hair to enhance the natural beauty of her clients. 5 years into her career she wanted to share her love of hair and started a new chapter as an educator.

Since then, Armineh has been nominated for multiple awards and has had the pleasure to work alongside various brands, modeling agencies, and film production companies. Armineh is well-versed in multiple’s facets of the hair industry; including work behind the chair, competitions, and editorial work.




Available: Tuesday & Saturday