Adam Petipas, Senior Men's Stylist, barber and Partner at thom.

We recently caught up with Senior Men’s Stylist, barber and Salon Partner, Adam Petipas to hear his hair story and thoughts on male hair and grooming.
In this interview, Adam talks about his beginnings as a barber that drew influence from his late father in the far-flung stretches of eastern Canada. He touches base on the connection between music and hair built over 20 years in the music scene and what it means for him today as he embarks on a new and exciting journey with Vancouver men’s salon, thom.

With all this in mind, we are very excited to have Adam on the team. His unique skill set, forged with the likes of Vidal Sassoon and Menspire, combined with rich cultural knowledge is sure to make him a valued team member and trusted stylist to many.

In his owns words:

“I take my creative inspiration from the things I love, namely automotive design, photography, and music, or more specifically Jazz – in my opinion, the most aurally intense genre that can convey or evoke an emotion. A lot of people may be surprised to know that I’ve been in music for 20 years, producing records and as a DJ all over the world. I decided to take up hairdressing initially for the reliable nature of it and now it has become a passion that I look forward to doing every day. Its been a crazy journey in hair to date. It kind of hurts me a little that there are some out there that think a haircut should be quick and cheap. I want people to know that when you see me, you’re getting my best, built up from years of training. I want people to feel confident and see the haircut as an investment in themselves every month.”

"...the underlying element between both is you’re trying to make people feel good about themselves, music can set the tone for somebody’s night, a great haircut can set the tone for the rest of somebody’s day."

— Adam Petipas